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How do I activate eyedropper tool?

April 28 2011 | 2 comments

I can't remember how to activate this tool, and the Help topics tell me how to use it.


Mapping Center Answer:

Go to Customize > Customize Mode. Click the Commands tab and either search for 'Eye Dropper' or go to the Page Layout Categories.  Then you can drag the Eye Dropper from the Commands list and attach it to a toolbar.

Eyedropper found. posted by Melissa Brown on Apr 28 2011 9:23AM
Yes! Thank you.
This opens up so many great tools. I love drag and drop.
Perhaps the ArcGIS desktop help page will add a "how to activate/acquire tool/process before actually using" link to its search menu items? That would be HELPful.
Thanks again.
ArcGIS Ideas page posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 29 2011 5:05PM
Good idea! You should consider posting it on the ArcGS Ideas page (or vote to support this idea if someone has already psoted it). Here is the link to that page:

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