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unknown coordinate system importing shape files

April 30 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

we have tried to import shp files (obtained from ) to ArcGIS Explorer , and appeard the message "Fallo al agregar shapefile(s) -petr_pyrr.shp (Sistema de coordenadas desconocido)"*

On the they say "... The map files can be viewed using ESRI ArcExplorer software", but didn't work.

Can you help us telling what are we doing in the wrong way.

Thanks in advance.

*In english: Error when add shapefile(s). -pety_pyrr.shp (Unknown coordinate system)"

The import procedure was: after seeing the map, we pressed "Add content"->"Shapefiles..." and selected the file. And the error message appear.

Mapping Center Answer:

These data apparently do not have a defined projection, so they cannot currently be viewed in ArcGIS Explorer.  Since the organization serving the data did not do this, you can define the projection yourself in ArcGIS. In ArcToolbox, in teh Data Management Tools toolbox, under Projections and Transformations, use the Define Projection tool and select the Geographic Coordiante Systems > World > WGS 84.prj projection.

If you do not have ArcGIS, then you could copy the following into a text file and save it as [filename].prj in the same directory as your shapefile data, where [filename] is exactly the same as the name of the data file you downloaded (e.g., petr_pyrr_pt.prj). This is the projection definition, and it has to be in a .prj file in the same location as the .shp files.


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