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Data Driven Pages: Conditional Frame Formatting

May 03 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages

Good morning,
I have a map book created using Data Driven Pages (very cool, by the way). Occasionally we have a temporary modification to a single page, usually a road closure, and we reprint only the affected page with a modified frame and label (see attached). For example, the frame will have a red border (instead of blue) and there is a label in the lower margin indicating the duration of the closure. So, two questions:
1) Is there any way to conditionally format the frame properties, depending upon the page being viewed/displayed/printed?
2) Is there any way to include info from a specific layer field in a label?

Thanks for your help,

Mapping Center Answer:

1. You can access some data frame properties through arcpy.mapping, but no border properties. However, you can still get the desired result with a little bit of work. Create three data frames – one with your data (make sure it does not have a border), one with your most commonly used border (blue border), and one with the accent border (red border). Align the blue border over the main data frame and move the red border off the print area. Then you can use a python script to swap the red border in and the blue border out. Here is a script that does a similar function that you can download.

2. You can use dynamic text to do this. For example, in the dynamic text tag:

dynamic text tag

replace the "FIELD_NAME" with the field you want to reference. The one caveat is this field will relate to the index field driving the data driven pages (the value from the field will be from the same row as the value from the index field).

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