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Follow target in ArcScene

May 03 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping


I want to make an animation where I can set the observer above and behind (looking down) a target (imported SketchUp model) moving along a predefined flight path / route. Can this be done and what is the best method? Tried some of the functions with ArcScence Animation toolset, but I don't think I was selecting or setting the correct options.

Mapping Center Answer:

Take a look at the Animation help topics, in particular, the highlighted one below. Here is the direct link to the "About moving the camera or view along a path" topic.

Animation help topics


Still no joy posted by Craig Poynter on May 12 2011 7:37PM
Still can’t get this to work. The online document refers to using two 3D point files. I have created two pointZ files (file containing 8-9 features is a simulated bomber group [target to follow], file with single point is observer [above and behind target]) and the flight path to follow. Want to follow ‘bomb group’ as it follows flight path over simulated target.

Followed instructions and I don’t see any animation on screen. Have tried varying time interval for play back, etc. but still not seeing anything.

I can send data if an email address can be supplied.
Keep reading posted by Aileen Buckley on May 13 2011 1:09PM
Keep reading - I don't think you read all the help available. It also talks about using line data, not points. Check out some of the related topics as well.
Additional information posted by Aileen Buckley on May 13 2011 1:44PM
Here are some addtional resources:



If these don't provide you enough info or you still cannot get this to work, let's try to get some more info (data and exact scenario) from you to see what is happening. You can write us in another Ask a Cartographer question if you need to do this.

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