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Recreating symbol to indicate species presence by month

May 05 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am trying to recreate the symbols shown in the attached but have been unable to find any examples of the symbol. The simpler version on the right could easily be created with a composite marker symbol but is less intuitive than the left hand version with the monthly indicator. I realize it is likely to be complicated to setup for multiple species but I don't even have a starting point for the symbol at present. Any help appreciated


Mapping Center Answer:

This is an interesting symbol request that we think would have some nice utility for a larger audience, so we will look into putting together something that you can use to construct the outside (temporal) part of the symbol. For the interior (animal) part of the symbol, we will include the relevant glyphs from the Esri Environmental & Icons font. Look for something in the next couple of weeks on our ArcGIS Resources – Styles page.

Might be able to use these symbol sets posted by Craig Poynter on May 5 2011 6:38PM
Saw this article years ago ( and downloaded the symbol sets for use in a similar process. Might be something in the symbol sets that you could use to do the seasonal symbology.
Mossman styles posted by Aileen Buckley on May 11 2011 12:04PM
Jim Mossman's styles are indeed great! We have posted a few on our Styles page: These include the Subtle Artist Light colors and the ShadeMax colors. If there are others that you would like to see on our Styles page, let us know!

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