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Marine symbol style downloadable for ArcGIS Desktop user?

May 13 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am asking on behalf of one of my students, who is using ArcGIS Desktop (no extension licenses available) to map water sample location, with Bathymetry data in the background. He asked me if ESRI provides a set of marine symbols for download? I know there is the PLTS Nautical Solution that might contain marine symbols, but he has only core ArcGIS Desktop available.

Mapping Center Answer:

These are the fonts that may contain parts of the symbols you're looking for.

  • ESRI NIMA DNC LN (esri_13.ttf)
  • ESRI NIMA VMAP 1&2 PT (esri_14.ttf)
  • ESRI NIMA VMAP 1&2 LN (esri_15.ttf)
  • ESRI NIMA City Graphic PT (esri_16.ttf)
  • ESRI NIMA City Graphic LN (esri_17.ttf)

The buoy and light symbols are mainly in the ESRI NIMA DNC PT (esri_12.ttf) font.

A couple of the channel markers symbols are in the new NPS set of symbols on Mapping Center on the Symbols page (but they are not associated with NIMA or PLTS):

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