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Visualizing the geography of networks

May 19 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Is there an ArcGIS function/tool/extension that enables one to visualize the geography of a social network -- i.e. show who is connected to whom AND where each node is located in "real space?

The Schematics Extension appears to allow one to visualize the connections between nodes and to draw the structure of a network --- BUT ignoring the geographic location of the nodes in space. On the other hand, I know that basic ArcGIS software will enable me to geocode nodes and then manually add arrows that show the connections or flow of information between nodes (i.e. through the network). I want to anaccomplish both tasks simultaneously(draw a network that shows where the nodes are located in space)and automate (i.e. avoid adding connecting arrows by hand)the process.

An example of the final product I aim to create.

I would be grateful for any insights/guidance about how to do this using ESRI tools.

Thank you!!

Mapping Center Answer:

If you have the start and end x,y coordinates, then you can easily use the Data Management -> Features -> XY to Line tool -- choosing any option under Line Type EXCEPT Great Circle will produce what you are looking for.

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