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Data Driven Pages and Memory

May 20 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages

I have tripped up upon a problem that I would like to see if anyone has addressed:

Using Data Driven Pages, the individual maps I create have multiple data files that can get quite large but must remain in the Table of Contents in order for the DDP system to use them. Even though some of them will not be utilized in some maps. As a result, I am beginning to run into memory problems.

With large areas that are covered with contours, Fills, Flows, other DOQ and related data, Town-Range-Section files that can very large, that must remain inside the ToC for the DDP to utilize them and as a result, slow down the process or actually crash the program.

Any solutions outside of clipping files?

What am I missing here?

Mapping Center Answer:

You have to have the data in the Table of Contents (TOC) that you want to use in the map. If you are making 500 maps then you would either need all the data for all 500 maps in the TOC, or you would need to bring in and out the data layers you want dynamically. You can do this with a Python script that will swap in and out layers at the time the map is exported or printed.

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