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Are labels always on "top" of all layers regardless if the layer itself is below other layers?

March 11 2008 | 0 comments

I have a large map labeled with house numbers. In the center of the map there is a dense area where the numbers overlap and crowd each other. I thought I could select the buildings in this area, create a selection layer, put that layer on top of the address layer and essentially block the addresse out.

building selection layer
address layer
building layer

Then, I could add a customized annotation layer just for that portion of the map. However, my building selection layer does not block out the address labels. They are still on "top".

Mapping Center Answer:

The answer to your main question is yes, as there is a different relationship between feature draw order and label draw order. You can change these settings by using the Label Weight Ranking button on the Labeling Toolbar - you will notice that the default feature weight is 'none', and all label weights are 'high'. In your example, you could set the building feature weight to 'high', and the address label weight to 'low'. These settings apply to the whole feature layer, so isolating specific areas - as in your case - still requires that bit of extra work.

Once you create annotation, keep in mind that labels will still behave as such, and compete with features AND annotation text.

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