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Can I change data frame size without changing size of image inside data frame?

May 26 2011 | 5 comments
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I have just spent ages laying out 4 raster maps on one page in Layout View. On the screen it all looks perfect but then in print preview etc the data frames are overlapping so 2 of the maps are only partially visible. I have read that you can't make a data frame background transparent. But can I change the data frame border so that it doesn't have such a wide margin around the actual map/image? The 4 maps are all from the same DTM but for some reason each has a different sized data frame. I have organised the 4 actual maps so they are all the same size but some maps have very large data frame around them which means they have to be really far apart for them to not overlap which messes up my plan to have 4 maps on one page! Hope that makes sense?

Mapping Center Answer:

You should make sure that your data frames do not overlap one another. If they overlap, there is the potential for a problem, as explained in this Knowledge Base article: Data frame, inserted pictures, inset maps are not transparent on output

recude margin between map image & data frame borde posted by Sam Page on May 26 2011 1:20PM
Thanks but I'm not sure you have understood my question. I am aware that I do have overlapping data frames and this is why I am having problems. But my question is not how to make them transparent (I know I can't) but rather how can I change the size of the margin between the map and the data frame border? There is a big margin between my actual map image and the data frame border - if I could reduce this margin then I could overcome the problem of my multiple maps overlapping. Can I reduce the margin around the map without changing the size of the map?
Thank you!
Try resizing the data frames posted by Aileen Buckley on May 26 2011 1:33PM
Sounds like you just need to resize the data frames. For multiple data frames I find the easiest thing to do is use the Properties -> Size and Position tab. This will work I think. Especially if you are able to size the data frames correctly for the maps themselves even if you have to move the map elements related to each of your four maps (that is, the legends, scale bars, etc...) out of the data frame. If I am still not understanding your issue, please let me know! :-)
still no luck! posted by Sam Page on May 26 2011 2:07PM
Hi there
I've followed your suggestion and managed to resize the height of the data frame which is great but it won't let me reduce the width very far without the whole map image disappearing - so I am stuck with wide width margins which means my maps still overlap! Really not sure why this is. In case it helps I have attached the file in question so you might be able to see my issue - but I had to submit it as a new query as can't attach files here. Thanks for your help.
OK -- will look for the next Ask question posted by Aileen Buckley on May 26 2011 3:10PM
Will look for more from you in the next Ask a Cartographer quetion. Thanks!

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