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calculate area

June 03 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

Dear sir/madam,
I have 2 layers (boundary and landuse). I calculated area for both of them by exporting them to file geodatabase. Landuse features got area in sq meter units, while boundary features got area in decimal degrees. I am sure that both of them have same projection and coordinate system. I tried changing the projection for data frame as well. Where did I go wrong and how can I get the area of boundary layer in sq meter units? I tried the calculate geometry method as well, but the result was again in decimal degrees.
thanking you


Mapping Center Answer:

I worked on this a bit and I discovered that these two shapefiles do not exactly overlay each other so there are some areas where they are different – you can see this yourself if you use the Symmetrical Difference tool. So at this point, I think the best thing to do is for you to contact our Tech Support folks who can work with you one-on-one about this and they can step you thought the process using your data and any special parameters that you need to satisfy for your project (for example, I was using a map projection that was not your – a modified Albers Equal Area – to check the area values).

To help, there is a link right off Mapping Center to our Tech Support people – it is on this page:

Sorry I can't help further but I really think it is best to work with Tech Support to get the exact answer you need!

Hope this helps!

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