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How to publish a map compiled with ArcGIS

June 19 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I want to know: if I have finished my compiling work on my map with ArcGIS and want to send it to a publishing company:

1\Which data format I need to provide to them? PS,EPS or AI?
2\I wonder how to conduct 6 or 8 colors system in ArcGIS? I have done my map with CMYK (4-color sysem). However, someone told me that it would be more beautiful to use the 6 or 8 color-system for printing the map. I want to konw how.

Thanks and wait for your reply.

Mapping Center Answer:

There are a number of things that will ultimately influence the answer, so in the end we will suggest that you contact Esri Technical Support and work through the process with them so that they can tailor the response to your particular needs. In the meantime, here is some food for thought:

1. Which final format to use will vary depending upon the preference of the publishing company. You should check with them to be sure of the format. Most will accept either Tiff, PDF, or EPS. Tiff or PDF are the recommended output formats from ArcMap.

2. High fidelity color printing, 6 or 8 color: This is not an option with direct output from ArcMap as it would involve one or more of the following: Spot colors, ICC color profiling, the ability to export color separations. Final processing of the output would likely need to be done in either Illustrator or Photoshop depending upon the technology being implemented by the publishing company (many publishers may not even have a device capable of this type of output).

If you can link to outside articles there is a very good explanation of it here:

As the RIP and printing device being used are major factors in the type of output to be generated, your best option is to choose the publisher and then work with them on getting the correct output file format of either Tiff or PDF. And as I said at the beginning, you can then work with Esri Technical Support to assure that your workflow meets your publishing needs.

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