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Arrowhead symbology

June 28 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

How am I able to set the size of the arrowheads at the end of a line to not increase in size when viewed at a larger map scale? When I zoom out, the arrowheads grow in size, but the lines do not lengthen. Is there a way to either fix the arrowhead size to remain the same at all scales? Or is there a way to have the lines increase when the scale increases as with the arrowheads?

Mapping Center Answer:

You have full control over the symbols you use. One thing to consider is the Reference Scale. The reference scale defines the scale at which symbols appear at their intended size. When you set the Reference Scale, changes in scale result in symbols changing their sizes relative to surrounding features.

If you haven't set a Reference Scale, symbols remain the same size and do not change relative to the surrounding features. This is the likely cause of what you are seeing happen on screen.

So if you set a Reference Scale when you create the arrowhead symbols, you should see more satisfactory results. For additional help on this topic take a look at the ArcGIS 10 Help topic called Working with data frame reference scales.

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