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Labels tab formatting in Legend

July 08 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Symbology

After I have set up my labeling in the labels tab (under layer properties) - is it possible to have that show up as part of my legend. For example - if a class of labels is formatted to be a red circle with a C in the middle – can that show in the legend by itself or with the corresponding symbology?

Just as a side note - if Alexandre H. G. Cassini (the featured cartographer) went into the field of botany how can he be a featured cartographer?

Mapping Center Answer:

No -- labels cannot show up in the legend as a legend item.  So your solution is one of two things: add the symbol you want as a graphic to the map layout and position it so that it appears to be an item in the legend, or add a "dummy" feature class to the table of contents that has the symbol, label and/or description you want and then make sure that none of the features show up within your mapped area (e.g., use a definition query to or add features to the legend that are well outside your mapped area.) It will still show up in your legend.

To me it sounds like the second solution would work best for you!

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