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Changing Zip Code numbers starting with '0' to full Zip Code numbers

July 12 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am working on a mapping project but have not taken a GIS class, so I am trying to figure a few things out as I go, and I wonder if someone could help me. I am trying to join a data sheet (which I have already converted to a dbf) to a shapefile in Arc Map that maps zip code areas. I added the data to ArcMap, but before I can succesfully join it, I have to somehow change the form that the zip codes are in. The first few zip codes I have start with zero, and the full five digit zip code does not show up, so it is not reading as a zip code (Example- zip code 07737 just shows up as 7737). How do I change these numbers to read correctly? And once I do that, do I need to change all of the zip code numbers to a different form to be read correctly when I join it?

Mapping Center Answer:

Please take a look at a recent blog entry on Mapping Center called How to Fix ZIP Codes from a CSV File.  I think that this is the solution you are looking for. 

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