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dynamic scale dependent symbology, for lack of a better term

July 13 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Assisting faculty member on a geologic mapping project and they would like to create symbology on the map that "scales" itself as you zoom in and out while viewing the map. If symbology is created at a certain scale, such that it looks good, zooming out (viewing a larger area) results in the symbology becoming quite large and obscuring the underlying detail. Trying to avoid having to create symbology multiple times and use scale dependent display options as to which symbology layer is visible.

Is it possible to create symbology that dynamically changes scale as the map scale is changed?


Mapping Center Answer:

You should first set the reference scale -- the scale at which the symbology appears as you want it to -- then when you zoom in or out the symbology will get larger or smaller accordingly. You can set the reference scale for the data frame but you can also disable scaling for individual layers. Here is a help topic on Working with data frame reference scales.

Then, if you want different symbology at different scales, you can follow the instructions in this blog enter for how to set up your layers and organize the table of contents: Working with layers and scale ranges: Tips for organizing the Table of Contents.

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