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Using geologic mapping template

July 13 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Representations, Map Data, Symbology

I'm trying to follow the instructions in the "how to use the geologic mapping template with your database schema" to create polygon feature classes using the MapUnitPolys in the ESRI_Geology.gdb. I'm not getting a representations list under the symbology tab. I don't understand how I open a new map, add the feature class, create the symbology like I want it to be, and then click New Map (step 6). I'm not getting anything that looks like the example in the Mount Baker mxd. What does it mean to add my feature class to the empty map document in Step 1 of the next section? I already have a map and I'm trying to digitize polygons from it. Do I need to create my own geodatabase for the project I'm working on or do I just use the ESRI_Geology.gdb? Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

Do you have the ArcInfo or ArcEditor level license for ArcGIS?  You need this in order to work with representations.

If you do, then in essence, what you want to do is to have the map document that you downloaded for the geology map open in one ArcMap session.  Then start another ArcMap session.  Add your own feature class to the new map document in the second ArcMap session.  Find the corresponding feature class in the geology map template ArcMap document, see how that was symbolized, and apply that symbology to your feature class in the new ArcMap document.

If you are trying to digitize polygons, then I am not sure that the geology map template will help as that was developed for mapping, not data editing or data creation.

The Esri_Geology.gdb is a sample geodatabase that works with the map document so that you can see how we have modeled the data so that it works with the symbology and labeling for the map.  You can use the GDB to see how you can model (define the feature classes, attributes, attribute values, etc...) for your own data.



How to use Geologic Mapping Template symbology wit posted by Aurete Pereira on Aug 4 2011 3:39AM
I've red somewhere that if I wanted to learn how to use the Geologic Mapping Template symbology with your database schema, visit the Mapping Center and read the "How to use Geologic Mapping Template symbology with your database schema". Someone tell me where can I found this document? I've already looked for and can't find it. Thank you.
On the MappingCenter Blog posted by Charlie Frye on Aug 4 2011 8:03AM

Or just go to the blog and search for "geologic"--you'll see a few other resources there as well.

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