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July 22 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data, Map Elements

I am using the Grids function under the data frame properties. Is there any way that I can set the lines in the grid to reside below my data layers? I am using ArcGIS 9.3.

Mapping Center Answer:

You cannot change the order of the grid unless it is actually a layer that you can reorder with other layers in the table of contents. With ArcGIS 10, we introduced a tool called Make Grids and Graticule Layer that you can use to create a grid as a layer.  Since you are still using 9.3, you can either use an exisiting layer (e.g., the Esri Data and Maps DVD that comes with your software includes a 10 degree graticule), or you can make the grid yourself (e.g., use the Fishnet tool).

USNG - grid axis labels posted by Emilia Wisniewski on Jul 27 2011 2:37PM
Thank you for the response. I have another question on using the ArcGIS Grid wizard setup. The USNG grid is labeled based on UTM format; and thus includes small UTM subscript numbers provided for reference purposes. Since this is a bit confusing for people who are trying to read a USNG grid - is there anyway to get rid of these in the grid axis labels?
Modifying the labels of the grid posted by Aileen Buckley on Jul 28 2011 10:08AM
Once you add the grid to the map as a property of the data frame, you can modify the labels. Open the data frame properties dialog and on the grid tab, select the graticule that you added and then click Properties. On the Labels tab, click the Additional Properties button and on the Principal Digits tab of the Grid Labels Properties dialog, you can set the number of principal and base digits. This should allow you to do what you want with the labels.

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