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Fill Color Chart

July 22 2011 | 3 comments
Categories: Symbology

Is there a way to print the fill color chart, or fill color selection window, so that I can use it as a color palette.

Mapping Center Answer:

You cannot print this directly, but you can find the color definitions in the Style file that is used. To do this, click Customize on the top bar menu in ArcMap, then click Style Manager. make sure the Esri style is referenced, and click the Colors folder. All of these colors are shown in the Color Selector when you are setting the colors for your symbols. In fact, any colors that are in other referenced styles (including your personal style) will also be shown. When you hover over any of the colors in the Color Selector, you will see the name that is shown in the style for each of the colors.

To find the definition of any color, you can just right click the color in the right pane of the Style Manager window and select Properties. The color will be defined with a specific color model (e.g., RGB or HSV) and specific parameters (e.g., 255, 255, 255 for the color white in the RGB color model.)

What about the RBG values for the Color Ramps? posted by Mamie Anding on Apr 6 2012 7:13AM
I used the above steps to get to the Color Ramps instead, but the Properties for those is greyed out. I'd like to get the RBG values for one particular ramp without having to symolize a layer and use the eye dropper.
what else to do in order to get to the properties posted by Jaynya Richards on Apr 6 2012 9:28AM
A quick way to to get to the greyed-out color ramp that you want to access is to go to the Style Manager and open the color ramp file that is greyed out, then copy the one(s) you are interested in to your personal style or a new style and they will no longer be greyed out. It is by default that the styles will be greyed out when opening a new document.
Category posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 6 2012 11:16AM
You may also want to change the category of the style to be empty -- there are some restrictions on the renderers about what type of color ramp they will use. Having nothing in the category allow the color ramp to be used by all renderers.

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