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Convert Annotation Text to Graphics

July 27 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have some annotation arrow symbols that I have on a map, that are created using a symbol font. I need to export the map to Illustrator on a Mac, to do some final tweaks. Unfortunately, the keystroke for the arrow on Windows, is different to the Mac and the arrows appear as question marks when opened in Illustrator.

Is there a way to convert the text to graphics in ArcMap, so that that they no longer refer to the original font. A bit like converting text to outlines in Illustrator.


Mapping Center Answer:

No, you cannot convert annotation to graphics like this, though you can convert text to annotation feature classes which do not reference symbols in the same way and which should allow you to see your arrows when exported.  See the Understanding converting between graphics and features section on the Esri Resource Center.

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