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Creating a hotspot map

August 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data


I'm trying to create a hotspot map using crime analyst. The layer that holds the data is a point data. When I create the hotspot layer it comes out fine, but it does not cover the entire map boundary (I have a layer which holds the United Kingdom boundaries). Basically I need the hotspot to cover the entire boundaries but not to exceed it and there should be no gaps left.

The attached file will show how I want the map to look like, covering the entire map.

Any help please?

Kindest regards.

Mapping Center Answer:

Your data will need to cover the entire extent of the mapped area, or you will have to "add data" in any places that it is missing.  When you do have data that cover the entire extent, then you should have the coverage you are looking for and the gaps should be gone.

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