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using cartographic representations to show utility line breaks

August 04 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Effects, Symbology

I need to depict points that show line breaks while modeling a utility network... like a line tap breaking the actual power line that it is residing on.

My initial thought was to use cartographic representations to mask the line (like a bridge over an interstate)... but the tool only uses lines to mask lines.

Is there another (easier) way to symbolize this this type of infrastructure? I attached an example where I layered symbols to mask the underlying line... but we need to show the utility data on top of imagery (so a white box under the symbol isn't very appealing).


Mapping Center Answer:

The features that you want to place on the linework and the linework itself should reside in separate feature classes.  You can symbolise these as you wish then use Variable Depth Masking to create masks that allow your underlying imagery to show.

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