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Multi-layer extraction of a region to create a base map

August 09 2011 | 4 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10, Data Modeling

In previous versions of ArcMap, I could use the DDA_Arc to extract a sub-region from the North America or StreetMap maps that come with ArcGIS. However, with ArcGIS 10, the DDA does not work.

How to I extract multiple layers at once to create a map that contains only the data for the region I am working on? Using the clip to to extract each layer individually is laborious...

Mapping Center Answer:

You are using the Clip tool correctly.  To clip multiple layers, right click the tool and select batch in order to run batch processing.

A little more on DDA_Arc posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 12 2011 8:16AM
As reported by Caroline, the DDA_Arc.exe does not work with 10.0. Our desktop software changed between 9.3.1 and 10.0 so the executable does not function. However, the DDA.exe can still function on the individual .sdc datasets included with the Data & Maps 10.0 collection. While not nearly as convenient, Caroline could do the following steps to achieve her desired results of clipped USA or StreetMap datasets and supporting .mxd’s:

- open DDA.exe
- add all individual datasets from the desired geography to DDA. (USA or StreetMap)
- zoom to the desired extent.
- extract new shapefiles (or .sdc) using DDA Extract.
- open applicable .mxd
- repair data source for each layer, pointing to newly clipped dataset.

Obviously this is more work than the convenience that DDA provided in the past, however at present that is her only option other than using the Clip or Batch Clip geoprocessing tools in the Toolbox.

For a little background and current plans regarding DDA, several years ago we developed the executable so that our users with software that could not read the (then) new .sdc format could convert the Data & Maps .sdc files into shapefiles. The design of the executable allowed an .mxd to access multiple datasets or used a single dataset input. A side benefit of using an .mxd allowed the user to redefine the extent. This turned out to be quite useful, but was not the driving force of the executable.

Fast forward several versions of the software to today and now all of our software products can read and use .sdc formatted data. Given that the DDA executable is no longer required for its intended use at 10.1 no further development will be spent on the tool and it will no longer be included with Data & Maps at 10.1.
Use Map Packages in ArcGIS 10 posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 15 2011 5:29PM
If you are using ArcGIS 10, then a simple way to do this is to use the new map package capability and set the option to use an extent -- the extent will be used to select or clip features.

A couple things to note here regarding packaging. The ability to package only those features that fall within a specified extent is currently available in ArcGIS 10 only with the GP packaging tools. This ability is not available when packaging through the UI (i.e., click File > Create Map Package).

Also, it is important to note that if the data happens to be SDC, specifying an extent will only work if "Convert data to File Geodatabase" is checked.

So, you can accomplish what you want using the GP packaging tools and converting the input SDC data to file GDB features. No need to use DDA_Arc anymore!
not working posted by Barbara Morey on Feb 17 2012 3:08PM
I cannot get this to work. I would like to clip the roads
+1 posted by David Puckett on Jul 18 2012 12:47PM
+1 On the map package tip. Ended up here trying to clip the data and maps for a single city. The map package geoprocessing tools via arcpy worked perfectly! Thanks

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