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Cool map at the User Conference

August 09 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Design, Symbology

Hi Esri Inc,

My client attended the UC Conference this year and was really interested in the following map: He would like to create something similar with the arcs going out from San Diego for his part of the world. The study area will be much smaller but wants to create the arcs without any overlap all the same. Any ideas on this would be much appreciated. Kind Regards.

Mapping Center Answer:

We'll be writing a blog on Mapping Center describing the map in more detail but for the time being, you can learn how to Calculate Geodesic Distance Between Points and how to use the XY to Line tool to create the lines.  If the arcs all originate or terminate at a single point then you will avoid overlaps.  However, overlaps are not accounted for by this approach so a dataset that has multiple, different origins and destinations might lead to overlaps.

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