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Issues with Style Files

August 10 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Hi Mapping Centre, My client and I have noticed some odd happenings with style files both v10 & v9.3.1. This is what we discovered: The first time I opened ArcMap and added my clients style file into style manager, it displayed in the list & contained symbols. When I added my clients data and opened the symbol selector, there were no symbols displaying from their style file even though it was checked on. So I removed the style file and re-added it to the style manager and it displayed in the list but contained no symbols. I made a copy of their style file & tested same using my data and the symbols displayed in the symbol selector, & I could select the symbols & colour ramps when selecting single symbol & categorical symbology. However when I selected quantitative based symbology, the colour ramps didn't display and after canceling, the symbols from the style file didn't display in the symbol selector or in style manager. However removing and re-adding the copied style file into style manager, the style file didn't display in the list(have tried several times). I don't think the issue is related to data or the style file but appears the style file becomes corrupted when selecting certain symbology methods (ie quantitative classification). I have attached a video along with mine & the clients stylefiles. I have tested this in 9.3.1 and got similar results.

Mapping Center Answer:

After examining the sample and viewing your video, our conclusion is that the style may have been originally created in a version other than ArcGIS 10, and then the style has been opened in version 10 since we can see that there were recognizable tags in the tag field (seen in the Style Manager window). That means that this style is compatible with version 10 only. You may not have been aware of the differences when creating the style and subsequently opening it different versions of ArcGIS.

Check out this previous blog entry on styles and changes that were made to them with ArcGIS 10: Symbols and Styles in ArcGIS 10

An ArcGIS style is really a Microsoft Access database. In ArcGIS 10, the database schema has changed for some symbol types. When you open a style from a previous release in ArcGIS 10, new fields are added to the database table to support the new search capabilities. You simply open and use a style from a previous release in ArcGIS 10. Because of the schema change, not all symbols are backward compatible to previous versions. If you work in an environment where you need to use both ArcGIS 10 styles and styles from a previous version, make a copy of the older styles and name them appropriately, before opening and modifying them in ArcGIS 10.


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