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Shape files and layer files from 9.3 won't show up in ArcGIS 10

August 11 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10, ArcGIS Methods

When I open the shape files for my state and counties in ArcGIS 10, they show up, but the new layer files and new geocoding results do not show up as layers. If I open just the new layers or new geocoding result with no underlying map, they show up. The 9.3 maps and layers work fine together, I just can't get them to interface with 10. Any suggestions or tutorials? I am using the shape files for my state and counties from

Mapping Center Answer:

You are using shape files so I my initial thought (that you might be using a version 10 geodatabase to reference version 9.3 layer files) does not provide a solution to your problem. In this particular case, we suggest you contact Esri Technical Support as they can look more carefully at the versions of the software that you are using and the files you are working with.

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