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Concept Mapping documentation/white paper

August 12 2011 | 0 comments

I am looking for any type of documentation speaking of how a Concept map could be produced in ArcMap. Any kind of documentation to reference how this is done in ArcMap, such a white paper would helpful. I am attaching a file to show exactly what type of map I am speaking of. I know how to accomplish the task, but need only to have the documentation to prove that this can definitely be done in our ArcMap software to convince our Director of that fact. Also if there is any other software out there that is known to create this same type of map that would be helpful as well.

Mapping Center Answer:

The map example you refer to illustrates transportation infrastructure.  The symbolization and layout can all be achieved using ArcMap though there isn't a single document that would outline how to create the different cartographic techniques.  More generally, it is unclear precisely what you mean by the term 'concept map' so if there's something more that we might help with then please reply with another comment to clarify or send in another question.

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