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Building Shadows using representations

August 15 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Web Maps

Hello, I am trying to get shadows of buildings into our web map and showing the shadows at different offset values for different scale ranges. I set this up in two mxd's and one actually changes when you zoom in and the otherone does not. Why is this? I do not have a reference scale set.

Also our web person is using ArcGIS Server to cache these maps to put them on the web. Originally he put like 7 layers with different scale ranges to view at different scales. Since one of my representations is working on the MXD with zooming do you think that would work for the caching at different scales???


Mapping Center Answer:

You should check the scale range for each layer rather than the data frame's reference scale.  Use the scale range to set the map document up to make a map that can be viewed at different map scales (using the zoom slider on the Web). Here is a link to a blog entry that explains how to do this:

Working with layers and scale ranges

Essentially, you will create a new group layer for each scale range, then, in the caching process, you will choose a tiling scheme (e.g., the one that works with ArcGIS Online, Bing and Google maps) and you'll select only those map scales you want to ultimately display.  Here is another blog entry that talks about how to do this:

Creating a Web Map Service

Following the instructions/tips in these blog entries should take care of your problem and satisfy the needs of your web person who is creating the cache.

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