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August 16 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages, Map Data

I created some maps using data driven pages and now I want to generate a report of field data points and which index map they are located on. This should be easy; it was easy in Arc 9. I am very frustrated.

Mapping Center Answer:

This is actually easy. Since you have a polygon feature class that represents your index and you have the points feature class you do not need Data Driven Pages to create the report you need. However, there is a download on the Esri Resource Center that you can use to create an index that will tell you which field points are in which index map. But I think there is a simpler solution for your scenario.

First you'll identify which index map the points are in, and then you'll create a report from that information. Open the Identity tool. Next, set the field points as the input feature, and the index feature class as the index feature. Run the tool. When it has completed, you will get a new point feature class that will have attributes showing which index map each point is associated with. Open the attribute table for this new feature class. In the upper left hand corner click the drop down arrow and then click Reports. Here you can select the field point ID and the index map as your report fields. The report wizard will guide you through the rest of the steps to generate a report listing which field points are in which index map. For more information on creating reports see the online help topic Creating a report.(

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