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Road Shields on top of Intersections

August 17 2011 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

Hello! Is there a way to avoid highway shields placing on intersections--even if those intersections are within the same label class? Thank you!
(Maplex, v10, SP2)

Mapping Center Answer:

You could modify the line connection properties to place new nodes into your linear data which should force the symbols to be located at different points along the line.  Alternatively, you might want to add a Barrier at the intersection with no symbol.

We're currently looking to improve these sorts of labelling issues for the next release of ArcGIS.

Additional question: posted by Peter Goodman on Aug 22 2011 8:49AM
This raises a good point. I do use ArcInfo and Maplex. Using the SQL feature in the labels to create badges, the single most prominant problem I have is when the maps I make are of differant scales but the rules are fixed for a single scale. Unless I create a new column and query (very time consuming) is there a way to tell the labeling engine that I want each section of a specific route labeled with specific rules? This so I can avoid creating redundant Spatial Joins and additional columns.

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