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Certain Sphere Symbols Do Not Show in Legend

August 19 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have discovered that 'spheres' under 3D Billboards, ArcGIS_Explorer, and ArcScene Basic in ArcGIS 10 do not show up for a print in the legend BUT Civic spheres do. Civic spheres however are very grainy and do not look good on a map and in the legend. If anyone knows why all of this is, that would be wonderful. I have attached a .jpg to show what I am speaking of. Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

"Spheres" for the ArcGIS Explorer application and ArcScene Basic are not designed for print. Those particular symbols are high resolution .pngs that are specific to those applications. The 3D styles are for use in 3D applications. 3D Billboards symbols have behaviors associated with them, which the 2D symbols lack in their properties. "spheres" will show up because that set is designed for optimal rendering time and for quick performance. Hence they have a bitmap format and sacrifice resolution, thereby they are coarse when magnified beyond their default setting.

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