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Certain Symbol Sets In Legend Do NOT print or export to .pdf

August 22 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am having trouble determining why certain symbol sets in my legend to not print or export to .pdf. They symbol does print where it is found on the map but not in the legend. Why is this? This seems to be an ArcGIS 10 issue. I can't find anything on this topic.

Mapping Center Answer:

There may be several reasons you are not getting the export that you want. You will have to work through your map settings to determine the root cause.

The most common place to check first is the settings you have for exporting to the .pdf. When your are working with your map document and go to File>Export Map, then under the Options, click on Format Tab to verify that the Embed All Documents Fonts checkbox is checked. If possible, limit the exported fields to one layer per map.

The second most common reason is that the fonts that were used in character marker symbols are missing or corrupt. In either case they will fail to embed and print. Check the properties of your symbol and determine what type of symbol it is. This will help in tracking the problem and it may be that you need to reinstall the font.

Spheres print in map but not legend for same map posted by Justin Smith on Aug 23 2011 10:11AM
The first common place to check, embed all document fonts, is checked.

The second common place to check, if character marker symbols are missing or corrupt, would this apply to them printing on the map but not printing in the legend? They do appear in the map, no matter what symbol I choose it prints. However, those symbols do not appear in the legend when printed. Examples of symbols sets that do not appear in the legend but do print on the map are 3D Billboards - Sphere, ArcGIS_Explorer - Spheres, ArcScene Basic - Sphere.
Thanks again.
Sphere symbols for particular styles. posted by Jaynya Richards on Aug 23 2011 10:18AM
"Spheres" under the ArcGIS_Explorer application and the the ArcScene Basic are not designed for print. Those particular symbols are high resolution .pngs that are specific to those applications. The 3D styles are for use in 3D applications. 3D Billboards symbols have behaviors associated with them, which the 2D symbols lack in their properties.

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