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Marker line - make markers vertical

August 22 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology

I'm symbolizing line feature (cycling route) with a marker line (out of the box Bicycle Route, slightly modified). I also plan to use this mxd as an msd service for the web. The problem is that the marker is oriented to the line, not to the page - it appears at an angle or upside down for segments that run in different direction. What can I do to make the marker appear vertical (oriented to the page) no matter how the line goes?
Thanks very much.

Mapping Center Answer:

Convert your lines to Cartographic Representations by right clicking in the Table of Contents and selecting 'Convert Symbology to Representation'.  Then open the Layer Properties and select the Symbology tab which will now show you the representations symbology.  You will see specifications for both the Marker symbol and also the position along the line.  Here, you'll see a check box that says 'Angle to line'...uncheck it and your markers will all appear oriented to the page.  We posted a blog on Mapping Center about marker lines a while back which illustrates the dialog boxes that contain this setting

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