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pycnophylactic interpolation technique

August 22 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Modeling, Map Data

I am after a script or process within ArcGIS 10 ArcInfo to be able to perform Waldo Tobler's pycnophylactic interpolation technique. Previously a script existed for ArcView 3.x, but I need to perform the same function in 10.

Mapping Center Answer:

There is a Pycnophylactic reallocation script available on the ArcScripts site (written by David Lamb and based on the earlier ArcView Avenue script you mention).  It was written for v9.2 but it works in v10 with a few changes to the script settings.  First, download the toolbox and unzip to a suitable folder.  In ArcCatalog (in ArcMap), navigate to the Pycnophylactic toolbox, double click to open it.  Inside you will find a Model (which does not work) and a Python script.  Before running the script, right click and select Properties.  In the General tab, make sure the Relative Path Names checkbox is checked.  On the Source tab, navigate to where you have saved the file.  Click OK to accept the changes and you can run the Script by double-clicking.  Ensure you have an integer raster and the tool works.

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