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Water symbology: Depth and color palettes

August 23 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am wondering if there are any color ramps, palettes or any other tool that can help bring about a richer color and depth to water bodies? I would like to see a script, or toolbox (later preferable) that could bring about a richer representation of water bodies or any other polyline/polygon to bring about a more “complete” look to water than simple blue colors and/or multi layering.

Is this now done or is there any kind of procedure to this?


Mapping Center Answer:

In the ArcGIS Resources section of Mapping Center you'll find a style file of color ramps (Color Ramps 2.0) that contain several examples of effective color ramps for bathymetric data as well as a range of other effects for water.  You could, of course, use these as a starting point to modify them further to suit your own requirements.

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