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Creating a Legend with Record Counts-Sorted

August 31 2011 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Elements, Page Layout

I'd like to create a legend that contains both symbols and record counts for a layer. I came across this script: which gives me counts, but the other catch is I need to sort it, with highest count being at the top. Ideally, I'd like to have it as a table where each line shows the symbol, then the name, then the count. Any advice / direction you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Mapping Center Answer:

The script certainly gives you the count you require.  To sort the legend items to your order preference, open the layer properties from the table of contents and highlight the value in the Symbology tab.  Using the arrows to the right of the dialog box you can move each value up or down as required.  Applying this change will reorder the legend items in the table of contents and will also update the legend you've created.

There isn't an automated method for displaying legend content as a table.  Using the Draw tools you could create a wireframe table graphic on your layout.  You can then right-click your legend and Convert to Graphics and then reposition the legend content within your 'table'.

So no way to automatically sort the legend items? posted by Joel Hovis on Jan 6 2016 7:45AM
You have to use the arrows to manually move the values up and down?

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