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Single output map algebra for Arc10

September 01 2011 | 0 comments
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I recently posted this in response to Aileen Buckley's thread, "Updated Hillshade Toolbox", but am in dire need of a fast response.

Bear with me; I'm a student:

Is this MDOW the only way to use the map algebra function for SOMA in Arc10 now? I ask because I'm a student and the computers on campus DO NOT allow downloading of software files. Also, the campus recently updated to Arc 10 from 9.3, and I can't seem to find a way to aggregate multiple hillshades for a method that I am "playing around" with as before(with 9.3). In Arc 9.3 I would use the following process:

Toolbox>spatial analyst>map algebra>SOMA.....but then there was a dialogue box that gave the ability to add the multiple, independent hillshades......

......within Arc 10 I am not given this I missing something obvious, or has the function been renamed/moved for Arc10?

Thanks for your patience and any help.

Basically, I'm attempting to use a methods taught to us by Pat Kennelly last semester. It utilized multiple hillshades in map algebra to create a single hillshade layer. I can't - based on Arc 9.3 directions - derive the same results with Arc 10. In fact, the text box within map algebra isn't even close to having the same abilities - regarding multiple inputs. So, what do I do, and how do I still do it? I'm in need of this method for a student poster that I am submitting to NACIS this fall, and this is my main concern.

Thanks for your time.

Mapping Center Answer:

You can either string together the mathematical statement using the operators in the Math toolbox, or, more easily, you can use the Map Algebra > Raster Calculator function in Spatial Analyst to input a statement like the one in SOMA in the MDOW model.

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