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Feature Outline Masks

September 02 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have created a road network of white roads with black keylines. The road style uses a cartographic line symbol of a black line with a thinner white line on top, to create the keyline effect. I have numerous blocks of text that overlap roads, which I can mask using the 'Feature Outline Masks' tool.

However, it masks all of the road and not just the black keyline. Is there a way to get the masking to affect only the black lines, or will I have to have two separate layers for the white and black lines that make up the roads?


Mapping Center Answer:

Variable Depth Masking is defined on a layer-by-layer basis so the entire symbol will be masked since it is in one layer.  You have correctly surmised that in order to mask only the black "keyline" and not the white interior of the symbol, you will have to have two layers -- one for the black outline (which WILL be masked) and one for the white interior (which will NOT be masked).

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