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March 21 2008 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

Hi, how is the gis used to draw maps(like autoCAD does), and then export it as a shapefile. Later on, add attribute and GPS coordinates to it. This will be done in a place where no census data is available, and one has to start from the base. How are satellite images corrected?

Mapping Center Answer:

ArcGIS reads the data reads the data, much like a CAD software system would. However, with ArcGIS you may change how the data looks by assigning different graphical symbols to the geometry in the data (note that CAD data has the symbols [colors, line widths, etc.] pre-assigned, and ArcGIS will read that data and display it with or without [your option] the symbols that were assigned in the CAD software that created the data). If you are using CAD data to start with, here is a help topic on displaying and symbolizing CAD data.

Any of the vector data formats supported by ArcGIS may be exported to ShapeFile format or other supported formats (provided there are no intrinsic format security limitations).

Satellite imagery my be georeferenced (a sort of quick and easy method that does not change the data) so it can be displayed in alignment with other data. Satellite imagery may also be rectified to a control system (a method that saves the imagery so that it aligns to the control system).

The ArcGIS online help topics that I provided links to should get you started, and those topics have links (in the related topics box on the right) to information that should round out your understanding of how these processes are accomplished. Just use the search box for other topics like GPS.

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