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Unwanted Symbol Rasterization

September 15 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS 10, Symbology

We have recently moved to ArcGIS 10. I am converting our .mxd files. Most of 9.3.1 comes across with minimal effort. However, I have several 2 tiered area symbols in a 9.3 symbol set (eg solid color with simple line fill on top) that appear rasterized when plotting on our HP plotter at any scale. I use Windows printer engine with default to the HP plotter. I have confirmed that no raster layer is drawing over these symbols. In 9.3 they plotted clearly. Do I need to recreate the symbol set in AG10? Change my printer settings? The legend symbol prints clearly and the enlarged view in the .mxd looks normal. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance, F

Mapping Center Answer:

This is a known problem and is being worked on.  There are some further links and advice at this previous Ask a Cartographer question.

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