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Bubble effect

September 15 2011 | 1 comment
Categories: Cartographic Effects, Symbology

The recent post on embossing is getting very close to something I have tried many times. I would like to create a 3d bubble effect. Very similar to the emboss results but with much more curvature. Got a few ideas to try based on the emboss method but thought this talented group may already know something.

Mapping Center Answer:

This isn't something we've specifically looked at though you could modify the maximum distance used in the Euclidean Distance tool that creates the initial raster so that you then get higher sides to the embossed effect.  This won't create a curved surface though.  Let us know if any of your ideas work out. In the meantime we'll add it to the list of techniques that we work on.

3D style has bubbles posted by Aileen Buckley on Sep 21 2011 8:50AM
Note that you can download a 3D style from Mapping Center -- in it you will find bubbles of various colors. You will also find 3D spheres and 3D balls. It can be downloaded from the ArcGIS Resources - Style page:

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