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Does anyone know what HTS data is ?

September 21 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

Hi I have been asked a question about elevation data recently. We have a converter that will convert DEM/DTED to HTS. The question I was asked is what is HTS. I could not answer this question because I have never heard of this type of elevation data. I am familar working with DEM, DTED, LIDAR, SONAR, RADAR, SRTM and some other types of elevation data both for negative and positive values but I have never come accross any format named HTS. When I attempted to look this up on the Internet all I could come up with were High-throughput screening and Human terrain system both of which I know are not elevation data. I am starting to wonder if HTS is not an actual type of HTS data. It matters somewhat because if HTS is not a real type of height data I should probably change the name of my tool as I know I will be asked this question again and again. Thanks for your input -- it's greatly appreciated.

Mapping Center Answer:

Although we found a reference to a file format for the Hydrognomon software which is used for hydrological data, we are not sure that this is what you are referring to. The software is from a Greek developer and the help files are mainly in Greek: However, you should be able to reserach this a little better from your end since you have access to the "converter" that you mentioned. If HTS data is not documented there, we suggest that you contact the vendor or creator of the converter.

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