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Multiple attributes

September 27 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

Hi everyone! I have a question about having multiple attributes in one symbol. Is there a way to have for instance, triangular symbols which get bigger as the magnitude (let's say population) gets bigger, and of which color gets gradually changes as another magnitude (urbanization index) changes. I tried multiple attributes option under Symbology. It doesn't give me what I want. It gives gradual color and the symbols on top of it. So here is the link what I want. Somebody had this question before. I couldn't find the answer. I appreciate any help. Thank you!!

ArcGIS Ideas: Symbology on Multiple Attributes

Mapping Center Answer:

The only way to achieve this right now is to make multiple copies of your feature class as separate layers.  For each layer, select only those features you want to symbolize and then create a single symbol of the size and color you want.  Repeat this for the next feature class to symbolize the next category of data (larger symbol, different color) and so on.  So, if you want five differently sized symbols as different colors you need five feature classes, each with a different size and color symbol.

Theoretical Basis posted by Mehmood Akhtar on May 25 2013 1:46AM
Please refer to the work of Dr. Vineeta John for theoretical bases to your query. She used two layers of the set one set was produced by proportionally symbolized layer, the other was produced by range graded symbolized layer by overlaying the two layers she used proportional circle maps. Colour dimensions were used in redundant mode in symbolization.
Legend trouble fix posted by Jamie Kennedy on Jul 16 2013 2:41PM
A common drawback people find to creating this is how to create a legend that is readable and not redundant. Say I have a map and I want to display hotels by both number of rooms and hotel class, but I have five redundant legends, one for each color. To fix this in the legend, create the redundant legend in ArcMap. Right click, convert to graphics. Right click, ungroup. Delete anything that you do not want to be featured in your final legend, and then use the guides to align everything. If you want to ungroup a label and symbol, you can right click-ungroup again. Once you are done, regroup by holding Ctrl while selecting your new legend items, Right click, group. Hope this helps!

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