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Symbolize a related table

September 29 2011 | 2 comments
Categories: Data Modeling

My county just moved to the Local Government Data Model and I have imported our road sign inventory into the Pole feature class and Sign table. Because it is a one to many relationship, the model has a relationship already set up. The problem however is trying to symbolize the pole points to show what the top sign on the pole is. We added a field to the sign table to show the order on the pole but that field does no appear in the pole table when the relate is created. Ive seen links on here about tools which help in labeling relationships but not for symbolizing them. Part of the problem is that this isn't for print production but for other county employees to view in ArcReader.

Mapping Center Answer:

The help doc entry Appending related fields with a join should provide you with a solution that allows you to still use the data model and provide a way to get your symbology.

I actually found another solution. posted by Chris Mathers on Oct 7 2011 6:00AM
I keep getting a message that I can't join on a one-to-many regardless of how I set up the join. I found a way to fix this problem, though. I needed to symbolize based on what sign was on top of the pole, any pole that has stop signs, and any pole that has warning signs. That needed to be three different layers in the TOC to meet what my coworkers requested. I made query tables with definition queries and did normal joins on them to three instances of the pole feature class. With that join and the normal relate, my symbols and my identify tool results are perfect.
Glad you found a solution posted by Kenneth Field on Oct 7 2011 12:31PM
Thanks for posting and sharing your solution!

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