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Disperse marker with leader lines?

October 04 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Is there a way to run the Disperse Marker tool and keep leader lines to the original location? I'm thinking kind of like the FlexViewer cluster widget, but in a static map. My point data is displayed as 10-12 marker symbols and covers a large area (statewide), but is concentrated in certain areas (urban). I need to provide a statewide snapshot every month and hand editing of representations is killing me. If there is a way I can automate the Disperse Marker with leader lines, that would be perfect!
Any ideas??

Mapping Center Answer:

This is not something that you can do out of the box with Disperse Markers. However, you can use leader lines with chart symbols, so if you are only symbolizing one attribute, pie charts will appear simply as circles, and those can use leader lines. Maybe this approach will work for you instead.

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