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Geologic Unit Labels

October 06 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Web Maps

Hello, I recently sent a question in to clarify the lack of geologic unit age labels. I received an answer, however, still need clarification.

I'm working on creating a web map service for a 500k geologic map of Virginia on Explorer Online, not Explorer. The geologic units labels (Cambrian [e, Proterozoic @, etc) are not showing up on the web map service (on Explorer Online) that we've created. In the map document in ArcMap, the labels show up fine, it's an ESRI-created font, but not showing up in ArcExplorer Online.

Hopefully my question is more clear this time around, thank you!

Mapping Center Answer:

The font has to be installed on your server or by your server—it may also need to be installed on the client side. It might be best if you contact Esri Technical Support about this so they can walk you through it. There is a link you can use here on the Ask a Cartographer page on the third tab:

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