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October 06 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Is there a map symbol for a tortoise? There are sea turtle symbols and artsy symbols. I need a gopher tortoise equivalent of the symbols in ESRI EnviroHazard Sites, Latin Supplement 1.//How do you make a clip art into a symbol file?

Mapping Center Answer:

There isn't a tortoise among the collection. We'll add it to our list of animals to add into future fonts for species.

In the meantime, to use clip art for your symbols you can save the image in one of two formats (.emf or .bmp) and then you can use the image to create a picture marker symbol. Alternatively, you can create a new symbol using representations but you would then have to use it as a symbol on a layer that has representations. Here is a blog entry we wrote about this: Editing representation marker symbols in ArcMap.

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