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Layouts - Text from Feature class table

October 11 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages

I am finding Data Driven Pages quite useful - Thank you!

I have the need to create a title from several feature class attributes. Example: I have maps showing facilities.

I can get the Data driven page Name to populate my title, but I also require my title to include additional attributes from the facilities attribute table. These include, type of facility, facility ID, etc.

I am thinking there might be a way to automate these but I am not seeing such a choice in dynamic text. Is there a script or tool that may help me automate these?

Thank You for the assistance on this!

Mapping Center Answer:

We're pleased you're using Data Driven Pages and finding it useful.

You can use any attribute from the index layer as dynamic text.  The Data Driven Pages blog explains the process and there is further information in the Using dynamic text help topic.

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