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Data Driven Pages and Text

October 19 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Data Driven Pages

I have set up data driven pages, roughly 100. These consist of parcels. In the layout I have the parcel data frame and then a space where I want to add a text box with data about the parcel. This data however is not contained in the attribute table. I have a word document for each parcel that pulls data from an excell spreadsheet. So how can I get the word document for each parcel to show up in each parcel page of the data driven pages? I am not familiar with python so any help or guidance would be appreciated.


Mapping Center Answer:

There is not a way to do this currently although we are working on ways to be able to support dynamic picture functionality for a future release.  This would still require you to convert your Word docs to a suitable picture (graphic) format though.

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