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October 25 2011 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

I make signs maps with the pictures of each of the sign shown in the map. (For MUTCD signs I use the ESRI MUTCD symbols). In ARC 9.3 I converted the pictures in BMP format to style using "MakeStyleApp.exe" . Then I went to ArcMap and in the "Symbology" Tab of the "Layer Properties" menu I used the choice "Match to symbols in a style" to load the pictures as symbols into the map. Now I am working with ARC 10 and the tool "MakeStyleApp.exe" (ArcInfo 8.0 Style Builder) is not working. Is giving me the error: "Run-Time error - 2147221231 (80040111) Automatation Error, ClassFactory cannot supply requested class"

Is there any update of this executable available? Or The method to make styles from pictures changed? Any other way to make signs maps?

Mapping Center Answer:

The reason you are getting the error is that the application that you were using in ArcGIS 9.3 was a Visual Basic executable. It will not run in ArcGIS version 10 since "classes" are no longer called with Visual Basic. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent executable at this time.

You can still make sign maps, but you will need to associate individual picture files (still BMPs or EMFs) with individual marker symbols.

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